Volumetric Concrete Mixer Truck

16 cub volumetric concrete mixer truck

Volumetric concrete mixer truck for sale has a mixing drum that could store raw materials and components used to make concrete, such as gravel, sand, and cement. Whenever concrete is required to be produced, volumetric trucks can transport concrete and mix automatically to construction sites. Apart from a mount of time could be saved comparing to manually loading and mixing cement, in addition, constructors also save concrete to minimal wastage. Volumetric concrete mixer trucks will be the most cost-efficient concrete truck, if constructors want to expand construction business. At the same time, it is a wise choice to rent it to other constructors, which will make more money for you. 

9 m³ volumetric concrete truck
10m³  volumetric cement truck
12 m³  mixer truck

Specifications Of Volumetric Concrete Trucks

Volume(m3) 14 12 10 9 6 4 3
Chassis model Dongfeng,HOWO(Sinotruk), Shaanxi Auto, North Pennines, Isuzu, Foton,Delong
Feeding speed M3/min≥ 3
Unloading speed M3/min≥ 2
Discharge reside  rate %< 0.5
Water supply model Air pressure water supply
Delivery time Within 15 work days after receiving the payment
Warranty 12 months, from the date of supply.
Remarks Hydraulic Pump& motor: GMP (Italy)
Decelerator: GMP (Italy)

How To Choose The Most Effective Truck Mounted Concrete Mixers?

According to different construction capacity or economic conditions of constructor, different volumetric cement truck for sale is needed. Apparently, for larger engineering, bigger volumetric concrete mixer truck brings greater benefits, with the help of volumetric concrete mixer truck for sale, can save more time and accelerate the daily production.

14 cub concrete  truck
16 m³ concrete mixer truck

8 cub truck mixer for sale
7 cub volumetric concrete mixer truck

The parts of volumetric truck for sale

The volumetric truck is composed of two parts: the chassis of the vehicle and the mixing transport system. The former has self-propelled functions, transmission, steering and braking systems. The latter includes power transmission, mixing system, control systems, cleaning system, loading and unloading systems.

1. The chassis system: mainly used imported or domestic standard vehicle chassis.

2. The transmission device: this part mainly includes the bodywork system transmission shaft and hydraulic system.

3. The stirring tank: the mixing tank is constantly rotating during whole transportation to prevent the concrete from solidifying and to ensure its quality.

4. The discharge system: also known as the unloading system, the concrete is discharged from the discharge chute.

5. The feeding system: the concrete enters the mixing tank under the action of the spiral blade through the loading guide chute.

6. The cleaning system: there is a water tank in the system used to clean the main system such as the mixing drum and the feeding and discharging system. In order to ensure that volumetric mixer truck can help us to do more work.

control system
hydraulic system
discharging system
cleaning system
5 cub  mixer truck
4 cub concrete truck for sale

The necessary maintenance of truck-mounted concrete mixer

After the daily work, it is necessary to do a lot of maintenance to volumetric concrete truck for sale to achieve high efficiency and high output value. If the maintenance is not proper, many operators will find that when the concrete mixer is in use, the volumetric mixer truck for sale become heavier and heavier. After measured by a pound , operator may find that it is much heavier than the new volumetric trucks for sale at a same condition.

Washing drum video

In order to avoid this phenomenon, the following matters need to be noted:

1. In every time, after unloading concrete , it is necessary to thoroughly wash to the feeding inlet, discharging groove, the blades, tanks and other parts by using the water gun. Because it can prevent solidified concrete from piling up until it is difficult to clean.

2. When the transportation of the volume metric concrete trucks for sale is completed every day, one cubic meter of cleaning water should poured into the tank, which can be cleaned with a quick rotary tank. If it is in a good condition, you can also add small stone to the tank, the cleaning effect will be better.

3. When volumetric mixer truck for sale returning to the concrete batching plant station, it is necessary to check whether the water in the storage tank is still in a full tank.

4. Because the loading of each shipment is different, the quality of concrete may vary with each shipment.When loading the concrete for departure, it is important to check the degree of collapse, so as to avoid the advanced segregation and condensation of concrete5. Usually concrete transport distance will be no more than 20 km range, volumetric cement truck for sale should be prior to plan the good driving route, to avoid a long time delaying on the road.

6. If in the process of transport, it has some irresistible factors or human factor, causing not to discharge for a long time, the drivers of volumetric concrete mixer truck should observe the tank of concrete situation in time. If it has already occurred condensation phenomenon , volumetric concrete mixer truck should carry out discharging process immediately , so as to prevent the whole tank scrap. Using concrete mixing transporter at ordinary times, after each delivery, volumetric concrete mixer truck for sale should do a good job of cleaning, in this way can reduce accumulation of concrete within tank of volumetric cement truck for sale. If operators don’t clean up for long time , the body will become more and more heavy.

In fact, there is no difficulty in the maintenance and use of volumetric cement truck for sale. The driver of volumetric concrete mixer truck should keep a careful and diligent attitude in daily life.


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