Concrete Batching Truck

Concrete batch truck is one of larger quantity demand tools in the concrete industry. It is an important tool to deal with concrete with characteristics of high efficiency, time-saving and cost-saving.

concrete batching truck
concrete batching truck
concrete batch truck
10m³ batch truck
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mobile concrete batch truck
12 m³ batching truck
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concrete batching truck
14m³ mixer truck
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Concrete batching truck we often see runs on the road with a round barrel on its back which constantly keep rotating to avoid concrete from solidification and segregation.

The detailed constituents  of concrete batch truck for sale

spiral blades
spiral blades
cooling system
cooling system
mixing drum
mixing drum
blade curve
blade curve

There are many specifications of batch truck we can supply. It is also allowed to customized, if you have special requirement of concrete batch truck specifications.

Specification of concrete batching truck

Volume(m3) 14 12 10 9 6 4 3
Chassis model Dongfeng,HOWO(Sinotruk), Shaanxi Auto, North Pennines, Isuzu, Foton,Delong
Feeding speed M3/min≥ 3
Unloading speed M3/min≥ 2
Discharge reside  rate %< 0.5
Water supply model Air pressure water supply
Delivery time Within 15 work days after receiving the payment
Warranty 12 months, from the date of supply.
Remarks Hydraulic Pump& motor: GMP (Italy)
Decelerator: GMP (Italy)

Operation method of control handles of concrete batch truck

Actions of mobile concrete batch truck such as “stirring”, “stop”, “discharging”, “acceleration” “lock” and “remove” all could be carried out by the joysticks.

Whether the control lever moves from “stir” to “discharge” position, or from the “discharge” to “stir” position, it should stay a while on the “stop” position.

It is important to check whether there is residual water in the mixing tank of concrete batching truck for sale before feeding. If there is too much water, it should be drained. The detailed operation method of operating handle of batch truck is introduced as follows:

1. Feeding process

In the case of engine idling, move the control handle to “stir” position. The control handle can be properly lifted to improve the engine rate to increase the rotating speed of drum.

2. Travelling process

Transfer the control handle to the “stirring” position;Before concrete batch trucks launch. The reverse handle of the cab should be locked.

3. Discharging process

Transfer the control handle to the “discharging” position, according to the actual situations whether to increase the engine speed or not to increase the discharging speed.

4. Stop operation

put the control handle on the position of “ stop ”.

4m³ concrete batch truck
4 m³ concrete batch truck
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5m³concrete batching truck
5 m³  batching truck
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8m³concrete batching truck
8 m³ concrete batching truck
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12m³concrete batching truck
9 m³ mobile concrete batch truck
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Correct brake technique of batch truck

When the mobile concrete batch truck loads cement from the concrete batching plant to the construction site, there are more cars and pedestrians in the city, and the road situation is complicated.

The driving speed of concrete batch truck is generally slow, and drivers may have to brake at any time.

The correct brake is the premise of ensuring the safe driving and fuel efficiency of the cement batch truck.

1. slight brake for the long distance

The ability of light brake for the long distance is not to give the passengers a shock sensation . The premise condition is that to accurately know traffic condition and road condition of the front direction.The first step is to release the accelerator pedal and then hold the brake operation according to distance and speed.

2. Don’t keep on the brakes all the time

The batch truck is easy to lose the center of gravity, so it should be carry on the brake to reduce the speed before entering the curve. Before totally stop of mobile concrete batch truck, drivers can loose once operation of brake and then press the brake slightly many times until the vehicle stop. This method of brake can reduce impact to ease the discomfort.

3. The long downhill road brake

Using braking system for a long time will affect the braking performance due to the heating. So, according to road conditions, drivers can choose transmission in gears of 2, 3, L (automatic wave). Drivers don’t step on the accelerator pedal by using engine braking to control speed of mobile concrete batch truck for sale.

4. Brake on dirt road or floating sand road

Taking steps of brake on dirt or float sand pavement, there is still a risk. In either the country roads or asphalt pavement in the city , because on both sides of urban roads may be accumulated some soil or sand , in this circumstance , drivers of batch truck must be careful to use the operation of emergency brake.

5. Emergency brake on rainy days

Use emergency braking when driving on a rainy day, even though the vehicle is basically equipped with ABS. It is recommended to use emergency braking when driving on a rainy day.

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