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 Speaking of concrete mixer truck price, we AIMIX can warrant customers the most favorable price of concrete truck than any other company. There are many factors to affect the cement truck price, for example, precision manufacturing equipment, high standard production materials, excellent manufacturing team, imported parts of world-renowned brands and 24-hour one-stop service. These factors all could influence the concrete mixer truck price.
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And obviously, “ The higher the price, the better the quality of the merchandise ”, which is the whole truth that is widely understood all over the word. What we can do is to give users the best product at the lowest price, so “to let users feel satisfied on the real value of the concrete mixing truck” is always our purpose. For our AIMIX Group, at the premise of the favorable concrete mixer machine truck price , other generous elements is also guaranteed, for example, advanced technology that many of the other manufacturers do not possess, and our perfect after-sales service that we can send engineers to install, debug and teach the usage method until customers are satisfied.

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The advanced technology of production

We have adopted the most advanced technology in production which is unmanageable by other manufacturer in china.

Blanking Process

Drum and mixer are processed with large scale numerical control plasma cutting machine, numerical control punch, which cause less errors and high precision, to ensure the product geometric accuracy and increase production efficiency as well.

Welding Process

AIMIX GROUP holds the leading welding quality in national same industry. Mixer drum is shaped with special hydraulic roller. Unique central axis orientation tooling ensures concentricity and roundness of the drum. The key process use the digital welding machine, automatic welding,which makes the weld joint at high quality.

Painting Process

Tank body was pre-treated with shot blasting in order to remove the rust and eliminate welding residual stress inside structure. Furthermore, it can improve surface intensity and painting adhension, laying a sound foundation for painting. Painting adopt luxury bus coating process and use Dust-free spray paint and baking process. Both finish paint and anti-rust capability are the first class in the same factory. And it is the only industry who use the coach coating process for engineering vehicles quantity.

Assembly Process

Rational assembly process layout and strict quality control system could guarantee excellent production and increase production capacity. All hydraulic systems adopt international top brand products, assembled under a closed environment to keep cleanness of the hydraulic system.

Inspection and Test Process

After adjustment and test, all vehicle products will be conducted with compulsory inspection for example, on front wheel sideslip, lamps, brake system and other items on the automatic inspection line, to ensure reliable ability and safety.

plasma cutting
plasma cutting
abrasive blasting
abrasive blasting
stoving varnish
stoving varnish

Mixer truck price is not the only factor that we need to consider, whether we can meet our requirements and solve our own problems is the most important elements. Otherwise, although the truck mixer price you get is very cheap, after you buy, you find it is bad to use or can’t solve your problem, that is a pile of scrap metal.

There’s no doubt that purchasing a cost-effective concrete mixer truck is a great decision if you’re trying to increase your daily productivity in the work site, and mixing truck for sale will ultimately help your construction team perform to the highest standards.

While investing a concrete mixing truck for sale, firstly you get a suitable concrete truck prices you can accept satisfactorily, secondly you should consider another element, for  example the high quality of production material and how long can user get return.

Several detailed parts of concrete mixer truck

Bus baking varnish
Well equipped cooling system
Patent technology blade curve

How long will you get return after Invest a proper mixer truck price?

Before you purchase a concrete mixing truck, you need to consider how long it will take to see a return on your investment. In the case of a good market conditions, you should consider the average price of one full tank of good quality concrete in the local place and how many times one day that can you transport concrete, and then get rid of the salary cost of drivers and some basic maintenance costs, you can quickly calculate how long could you get return.

Whether the performance of concrete mixer truck is good or not, we should take consider of truck mixer price, the portable operation , tank quality, chassis quality, the durability of the major system components and after-sales service.

We have a lot of successful cases to share. So far, concrete mixing truck for sale we produce have been exported to 83 countries and regions, including,Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Russia….The exported concrete agitator  truck not only has the advantage in concrete mixer truck price, but the high standard quality and performance of the cement trucks are warmly praised by the customers.


We AIMIX GROUP CO,. LTD, standing on the customers’ perspective to consider that our company can not only give you a very favorable concrete truck delivery price. In the meantime, under the premise of ensuring the quality of our products , but we also advise clients to make on-the-spot investigation to observe our company’s strength, the details of the mixer trucks, after-sales service, etc., We AIMIX GROUP are dedicated to let the customer see the real situation of products and manufacturing process and make customers assure to buy our products.

Do you want to get in a detailed concrete truck load price? Leave your message on the platform of website, or send an email to us, we will give you a reply at first time.

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